5 Surprising Reasons to Use Curtain Walls in Your Warehouse Space

February 1, 2018

Have you been wondering how to effectively create smaller working spaces within your large warehouse or other commercial building? If so, standard rigid walls have probably come to mind. While rigid walls serve their intended purpose well by completely separating spaces, they come with a few drawbacks (including price and inflexibility) that may not make them the ideal solution for your needs. Before you make your final decision, here are five surprising reasons you should consider using curtain walls in your industrial or commercial space.

1. Flexibility

Unlike rigid walls that are designed to remain in one place once installed, curtain walls can be repositioned as needed. Planning to expand and create additional work spaces in the future? Not a problem! Curtain walls allow you to redefine work spaces anytime you want to. They provide convenient flexibility and give you freedom to manipulate your warehouse space however you want or need.

2. Cross-Contamination Prevention

curtain walls

Preventing cross-contamination is a huge concern in the food and beverage industries. It’s essential to adequately separate different parts of the production process to reduce the potential for cross-contamination on a daily basis.

Wash-down curtain walls provide environmental separation and can prevent people, cleaning supplies and general warehouse machinery from contaminating processing and packaging areas.

Wash-down curtain walls are ideal for food and beverage environments, where it’s imperative to comply with federal food regulations. They are designed to minimize overspray when cleaning and also reduce cross-contamination risk by enclosing and isolating specific areas.

3. Air-Particulate Control

Dust is an inevitable by-product of routine warehouse operations. Whether your business deals with powdered chemical processing, foodstuff packaging or woodworking, you know firsthand how quickly the area can become saturated with airborne particles. To keep these particles out of your office, packaging or production spaces, consider installing curtain walls.

4. Noise Control

noise control

Some noises that occur in warehouse and production spaces are more than just annoying. Many common warehouse noises can be dangerous and cause long-term hearing loss as well as other harmful health problems. It’s important to protect your employees by providing them with a safe work environment free from loud noises. Acoustic curtain walls are designed to provide affordable noise-control solutions. They are layered with materials that absorb sounds and can reduce noise levels significantly.

5. Temperature Separation

If you deal with manufacturing processes or products that require specific temperatures, insulated curtain walls can help. They make it easy to create temperature-controlled areas that are separate from other working spaces. They are made from fire-retardant industrial vinyl and have anti-microbial polyester batting in the middle. Curtain walls can ensure employee comfort while containing heat or cold temperatures in very specific areas.

Why install permanent, rigid walls when you can install flexible, convenient and versatile curtain walls? Whether you want to create additional office spaces in your warehouse, reduce cross-contamination, prevent noise and air particles from entering certain areas, or keep rooms at specific temperatures, curtain walls can help. W.E. Carlson offers a wide variety of curtain wall selections, including acoustic, insulated, wash-down and sliding.

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