Escape the Heat and Save on your Energy Bills

July 27, 2022

For operators looking to reduce warehouse energy bills, especially in this summer heat, W.E. Carlson dock seals are a great solution. 

Loading dock seals not only help with energy loss, but they also help avoid safety and productivity issues that are associated with unprotected openings, such as employee discomfort, product damage or contamination, or slippery and dangerous conditions. 

Our dock seals are designed to help reduce or eliminate the small gaps around the loading dock opening to minimize this issue. They also help blockout hot air to keep your employees comfortable, work environments more productive and saves a significant amount on utility bills. 

How do Dock Seals Work?

Dock seals cover the sides and top of the loading dock opening. They are designed to fit over openings very tightly to keep cool air from escaping and hot air from entering the building. 

W.E. Carlson dock seals that can help the efficiency of your operation: 


Classic Dock Seal

  • Classic Seals offer traditional benefits with a range of options to increase durability and sealing effectiveness. The classic seal either comes with a traditional header or High Performance header and is built to Rite-Hite’s high standards for quality. 


Rite-Hite L-Pad™ Dock Seals

  • Rite-Hite L-Pad™ Dock Seals are constructed with durable L-shaped foam side pads that flex against the sides of the truck as it backs in, creating an effective seal without causing foam to protrude into the trailer and obstruct access to loads. 


Performer Dock Seals

  • The Performer Dock Seal is W.E. Carlson’s top design, featuring ultra-durable side pad construction and high performance headers for the ultimate in durability and sealing effectiveness. Most features of the Performer are exclusive to Rite-Hite, setting the Performer apart from traditional dock seals. 


If you’re tired of losing money through your loading dock, you may want to consider investing in some quality loading dock seals from W.E. Carlson. The end result is an even more efficient loading dock that can help you save hundreds on your utilities in the summer.

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