Keeping Your Loading Dock Safe From Cargo Theft

May 30, 2023

Cargo theft is a huge problem for warehouses, especially if loading docks are left unprotected and unmonitored. Loading docks are easy targets for thieves who want to steal large amounts of inventory and merchandise. If you want to avoid losing valuable inventory, it’s important to secure your loading dock however possible. Hiring someone to provide 24-hour monitoring services probably isn’t realistic if you’re working with a limited budget, so what can you do to prevent inventory theft when no one is around to keep an eye on things?

Fortunately, you can keep your loading dock protected without hiring a security guard to watch your property around-the-clock. W. E. Carlson offers a wide array of loading dock equipment products that help combat theft while providing a variety of other benefits as well.

Dok Lok W.E. Carlson

Here are a few of the top ways you can keep your loading docks safe from theft with the help of W. E. Carlson products.

1. Automatic Vehicle Restraints

One way to prevent theft from unprotected loading docks is by installing vehicle restraints. W. E. Carlson offers different Dok-Lok vehicle restraints that can prevent unwanted trailer movement and trailer separation. These devices lock your rigs into place so they can’t be easily accessed or moved vertically or horizontally. They also serve the added benefit of improving productivity and reducing equipment damage while helping you remain in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) loading dock standards.

Vertical Dock Levelers
Vertical Dock Levelers

2. Vertical Dock Levelers

Vertical dock levelers┬ácan help prevent cargo theft by allowing you to keep your trailer doors closed until the truck is fully secured at the dock. Thieves can strike quickly, so you want to keep your doors closed until it’s time to unload.

Dock levelers provide the added benefit of ensuring the safe transition of forklifts into and out of the trailer when it comes time to unload. They also protect employees from back and neck injuries that frequently occur when levelers are not used to facilitate smooth loading and unloading processes.

Dock Shelters

3. Dock Seals and Shelters

Dock seals and dock shelters do more than protect your facility and employees from the elements and help you save money on your energy bill. They can also protect against inventory theft by keeping your dock securely sealed at all times.

If your dock doors currently have any gaps or cracks around them, determined thieves could use them as a way to gain access to your building. Tightly fitting dock seals can keep this from happening and make it virtually impossible for thieves to gain access to your warehouse through the loading dock.

Secure Your Loading Dock

Cargo theft and product contamination are two of the major concerns of facilities owners. Theft is often a crime of opportunity. Don’t make things easier for thieves by leaving your loading dock unprotected. If you’ve recently had problems with theft or if you want to make sure it doesn’t occur, install the right equipment. W. E. Carlson automatic vehicle restraints, vertical dock levelers and dock seals are all great ways to secure your loading dock and prevent inventory theft.

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