RHV Vertical Hydraulic Leveler

Invest in Safety.

Engineered for safety and security, Rite-Hite’s® vertical storing hydraulic dock leveler will put control back in your hands and profits back in your pocket. The perfect leveler for grocery business, food processing, cold storage, humidity controlled facilities, and high security application.

Maximize Safety and Productivity

Why go vertical with your leveler? The RHV Vertical Storing Hydraulic Leveler is part of a total integrated solution developed for today’s industrial market in order to improve cleanliness, protect overhead doors, increase security, improve productivity, and reduce energy loss. All accomplished in Rite-Hite’s continued promise in looking ahead, answering the industry’s toughest issues with innovative thought leadership. The RHV features:

  • Smooth transition between loading dock and trailer, reducing jolts to forklift operators and minimizing product and equipment damage.
  • Constant-pressure push-button controls keep your operator in control of the platform at all times.
  • Lip System prevents costly bed damage that could occur with powered-in and powered-out lips.
  • Vertical storing position allows for easy routine pit cleaning or full wash down.
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