RHH Hydraulic Dock Leveler

Maximum safety and productivity with the smoothest transitions in the industry.

Overall about 24% of U.S. workplace illness and injuries are back related. The extensive engineering process that went into our full line of dock levelers works to combat this unnecessary statistic inherent in the serious condition known as Dock Shock. W.E. Carlson offers the RHH Leveler to ensure smooth transition between loading dock and trailer, reduce jolts to forklift operators, and minimize product damage.

Efficiency. Safety. It’s not “either-or.”

Rite-Hite’s RHH Hydraulic Leveler promises great performance and easy usage. With minimal maintenance and the lowest lifetime ownership cost, insist on levelers that are always at work. On the job, it’s a smooth bridge from dock to truck. At rest, it’s a safety device. When the truck leaves and you store the platform, the lip creates a solid barrier at the dock edge. It’s plenty strong to stop a forklift. It makes your dock safer with:

  • Exclusive SAFE-T-LIP® barrier helps prevent open dock drop-off accidents. (optional)
  • SAFE-T-STRUT™ provides lockout capability protecting personnel during clean out and inspection and offers another line of defense in chance of side-impact
  • Patented slotted lip can be positioned out of the way for full end load access
  • Push-button operation allows dock attendant complete control over deck and lip
  • Most ergonomically friendly leveler with no bending or lifting required to operate
  • Automatic recycle returns leveler to safe dock position after use

For more demanding environments, our dock experts may suggest a RHH High Capacity Hydraulic Leveler and for the most strenuous of loading dock environments – the RHJ Jumbo Dock Leveler.

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