How to Choose a High-Speed Door

March 31, 2022

At W.E. Carlson, we have several high-speed doors. How do you decide which one is best for you? 

Forklift traveling through two panels of the SplitSecond High Speed Door

What is a high-speed door?

DASMA, Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association, defines a high-speed door as “a non swinging door used primarily to facilitate vehicular access or material transportation and having an automatic closing device, with an opening rate of at least 32 inches per second and a closing rate of at least 24 inches per second.”

What makes high-speed doors different?

High-speed doors are extremely versatile with a range of features and options. They can automatically open as fast as 100 inches per second and will close slowly for optimal safety. These doors are for distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and laboratories, not residential homes. High-speed doors allow for less air leakage, which helps stabilize the environment it’s protecting and reduce the amount of energy used. They can also decrease the amount of noise between areas. High-speed doors are also great for their durability, breakaway capabilities, minimal maintenance, and customization. High-speed doors can come in several materials such as vinyl, fabric, or rubber. These doors open in a lot of different ways, including rolling, folding, and sliding. 

What should I think about when choosing a door?

When choosing a high-speed door it’s important to remember size and application. For example, if you’re in food manufacturing, food distribution, or a pharmaceutical industry, you will want to choose a stainless steel header and a vinyl curtain with insulations. These features will allow you to clean your doors constantly, while still keeping the temperature of your environment stable. More durable, heavy fabrics are best for industries that need impact resistant doors. The number of doors that you need will also depend on your facility and application. Small warehouses that house lumber may only need 5 doors while some pharmaceutical facilities may need 30 across their facility.

It’s important to talk with an expert at W.E. Carlson to dive deeper into what you want to accomplish with your doors. They will make sure to find the best doors for your facility and budget. Call us at 1-847-640-0011 or send us a message to speak with a high-speed door specialist or to place an order.

Our high-speed door series:
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