4 Benefits of In-Plant Barrier Systems

December 5, 2018

4 Benefits of In-Plant Safety Systems

Industrial facilities can be dangerous places, which is why OSHA requires clear markings to divide different workspaces from each other, but are lines on the floor enough? With forklifts whizzing around, heavy equipment operating and people working at a break-neck clip, how likely is it that the average worker will notice a yellow line at his or her feet? If you’re interested in beefing up your facility, consider installing barrier systems throughout the building. Here are four benefits your company could realize by performing these upgrades:

1. Define Work Areas

Disorganization can be an enemy of productivity, which is why it makes sense to clearly define workspaces for your company’s various operations. If your workers constantly need to step over each other throughout the course of the day, that time could add up to significant losses by the end of the year. By installing barriers like GuardRite rails or SpanGuard Strap barriers, you can help ensure each station is clearly separated from its neighbors, which can help with productivity and even inventory control.

2. Optimize Space Utilization

As a business owner, you’ve probably spent a lot of money on the acquisition of real estate for your operation, which is why you need to maximize every square foot of space. Once you’ve figured out the best possible layout for your facility, barriers can help make sure everything stays in its place. As soon as organization skills fall by the wayside, you start losing the ability to use your area to its fullest potential.

3. Keep Equipment Safe

Take a look around your facility and you’ll likely see hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment you need to get the job done every day. No matter what industry you work in, significant damage to an important piece of machinery could throw your entire operation into an immediate standstill, which means you’re losing money while waiting for repairs. Line painted on the floor can tell your forklift operators where not to drive, but they don’t do anything to prevent an impact with equipment if the driver loses control. By installing machine guarding systems around sensitive areas, you can provide an extra layer of protection for your investment.

4. Minimize Accidents

Productivity, organization and equipment are vital ingredients to any successful business, but nothing is more important than the people who do the work every day. With so much riding on your workers, it’s your responsibility to do everything possible to keep them safe. Light communicatino systems can be a major part of your safety efforts. Visual communication systems like the Safe-T-Signal and Rite-Vu system alert when threats enter a designated zone, and provide clear instruction for right-of-way traffic. People who are hustling around during a busy day can also be prevented from absentmindedly walking into an unsafe space.

Protect Your Business

If any of these benefits sound good for your business, let the experts at W.E. Carlson walk you through all of the in-plant safety options to help you find the right fit. To set up an appointment for service or learn more about Dok-Guardians and any other products, contact our office today at 847-640-0011 or fill out our online contact form.

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