May 30, 2023
Cargo theft is a huge problem for warehouses, especially if loading docks are left unprotected and unmonitored. Loading docks are easy targets for thieves who want to steal large amounts of inventory and merchandise. If you want to avoid losing valuable inventory, it's important to secure your loading dock however possible. Hiring someone to provide 24-hour monitoring services probably isn't... Read More
November 17, 2022
Is your operation looking for effective ways to create smaller working spaces within your large warehouse or other commercial buildings? Standard rigid walls may come to mind first and while they do serve their intended purpose by completely separating spaces, there are some drawbacks. They are pricey and not very flexible for spaces. The following are 5 benefits of considering curtain walls in... Read More
September 23, 2022
Times when your loading docks are vacant can present safety risks to your employees and equipment. Your employees need to be protected while they are working, whether they are driving a forklift, working on foot, or running a pallet jack. W.E. Carlson provides solutions to ensure personnel and equipment are safe at all times with their Drop-Off Protection Barriers.  Why Proper Barriers... Read More
July 27, 2022
For operators looking to reduce warehouse energy bills, especially in this summer heat, W.E. Carlson dock seals are a great solution.  Loading dock seals not only help with energy loss, but they also help avoid safety and productivity issues that are associated with unprotected openings, such as employee discomfort, product damage or contamination, or slippery and dangerous conditions.... Read More
May 31, 2022
With temperatures starting to rise in the Chicago area and summer starting on June 21, is your warehouse ready for the heat? Keep your cool this summer and improve productivity with HVLS Fans, Dock Fans, and Screen Doors.    HVLS Revolution Fan The fan that started the HVLS revolution, the Revolution is the original High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS), delivering the most air movement of... Read More
March 31, 2022
At W.E. Carlson, we have several high-speed doors. How do you decide which one is best for you?  What is a high-speed door? DASMA, Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association, defines a high-speed door as “a non swinging door used primarily to facilitate vehicular access or material transportation and having an automatic closing device, with an opening rate of at least 32 inches... Read More
February 28, 2022
If your loading dock equipment breaks down it may seem like the issue appeared overnight. Most of the time these problems started a long time ago. It is easy to overlook a small crack or chipped paint, but over time these minor issues can become big complications. Our Planned Maintenance Program has an experienced service team that will routinely come to your facility to inspect and repair your... Read More
January 31, 2022
Many of the products in your home have moved across the United States inside of a truck, where nearly every journey starts and ends at a loading dock. Businesses as large as Target move products from their distribution centers to their stores every day. While businesses as small as your local deli have their specialty ingredients delivered to their door. No matter the size of the business, a... Read More
October 26, 2021
Any warehouse that uses forklifts to move products and shipments onto trucks in a loading dock area needs dock levelers. A hydraulic dock leveler is placed at the threshold of the opening of the loading dock, covering the space between the open trailer bed of the semi-truck and the dock floor of the building. It provides a smooth and safe surface for forklifts to drive over. There are numerous... Read More
September 24, 2021
Operating an efficient facility is no small feat, but one big element that can help is the installation of high-speed industrial doors. There are many benefits to using these innovative doors for your loading docks. Check out our top reasons why you should consider making the change to a High-Speed Industrial Door. Fast Operation Waiting for doors to open may seem like a small... Read More