Planned Maintenance Program

February 28, 2022

If your loading dock equipment breaks down it may seem like the issue appeared overnight. Most of the time these problems started a long time ago. It is easy to overlook a small crack or chipped paint, but over time these minor issues can become big complications. Our Planned Maintenance Program has an experienced service team that will routinely come to your facility to inspect and repair your equipment. This allows for potential issues to be discovered and fixed before they interfere with your normal operations or cost you even more in the future.

Besides discovering and repairing issues early, you can except these additional benefits when enrolled in the Planned Maintenance Program:

Free evaluation of your loading dock and door equipment

Full report summarizing recommendations for maintenance or repairs

Product warranties honored

Trained member of our service team completing the work  

12-month guarantee on parts and labor

Discounted parts when repairs are unavoidable

We always recommend an on-site assessment when joining the Planned Maintenance Program. During this visit we will assess your loading dock and equipment, then develop a contract for ongoing maintenance. We customize every contract for each loading dock’s unique features and needs.

You can schedule your routine inspections and planned maintenance services when you sign your contract. Additional information about this program can be found here on our website. To schedule your site assessment or to find out more about the Planned Maintenance Program, call 1-847-640-0011 or fill out our online contact form here.

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