WG-410 Dock Shelter

Frommelt WG410 Dock Shelter
  • Frommelt WG410 Dock Shelter
  • Cutaway side panel of WG410 Dock Shelter
  • Series of 3 WG410 Dock Shelters
  • WG410 Dock Shelter with pleated head curtain corners

Rigid Frame Dock Shelter

The WG-410 provides basic shelter protection, for year-round energy conservation and a more comfortable working environment. WG-410 rigid frame dock shelters provide both a form-fitting perimeter seal for the top and sides of docked trailers and full, unobstructed access to loads for efficient material handling. The WG-410 features:

  • Rugged ArmorPleats™ on corners of head curtain help extent product life. Available in extra tough, friction-resistant Durathon™ fabric for ultimate wear.
  • Translucent fiberglass panels on top and sides allow light into loading area.
  • Treated wood backer resists rot and decay.