PitMaster II

Seals the fourth side of the dock in the leveler pit and reduces heat transfer through the leveler deck

Closing minor gaps in the dock opening prevents heating or cooling energy from escaping and makes your dock more energy efficient. With a “one-size-fits-all” design, the PitMaster could save your facility hundreds a year in heating and cooling costs.

  • The main sealing curtain made of durable black vinyl is held in place by spring-loaded pivot arms and flexible stays that keep the seal engaged against the leveler and pit sides.
  • Seals air gaps and “white space” with optional corner seals and filler pads to help your facility pass AIB inspections.
  • Keeps employees safer, healthier and more comfortable by shielding them from the elements like rain, cold air, snow and dust.
  • Potential Annual Energy Savings: $200- $900 per dock position
  • Typical ROI is 6-18 months.
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