Eclipse Dock Shelter

Complete Sealing Soft Sided Dock Shelter

The Eclipse soft-sided dock shelter is the most effective environmental control possible around all sides of your loading dock.

Along the top:

A heavily weighted head curtain creates a tight seal along full width of the trailer, using gravity to block gaps and maintain constant contact during trailer bounce. Self-adjusts to wide range of trailer heights. Diverts rain without the need for additional overhead device.

At the corners:

The integral fabric sealing pocket side curtains work in conjunction with the head curtain as the trailer backs in for complete corner black-out. Sealing pockets connect sides to top, blocking light and gaps that other shelters cannot address.

Along the sides:

Wrap-around durable and detachable GapMasterā„¢ hooks seal exposed trailer hinge gaps. These gaps add up to over 2. square feet of open air if left unsealed. Fabric outer sleeves conform around hinges for complete side seal.

Along the Bottom

Gaps large and small beneath and around the dock leveler are sealed with optional PitMaster components, improving cleanliness and sanitation, and providing substantial energy savings.

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