Impactable, Full-Access Dock Shelter

The Eliminator™ soft-sided shelter can take repeated hits from off-center trailers, without suffering the expensive damage associated with rigid wood, fiberglass and steel shelters. Yet, it still allows full, unobstructed access with flexible side curtains that create an effective perimeter seal. Ultimate Impactability

  • An exclusive poly-wrapped foam-core side frames provide ultimate impactability even after repeated hits by off-center trailers.
  • Side frames can be fully compressed and return to their original shape and position, time after time.
  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Narrow 6″-wide side frames allow the shelter to fit into the narrowest of spaces, and can eliminate the need for expensive repositioning of lights, signs and electrical conduit.
  • 11’2″ shelter footprint stays the same, regardless of projection.
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