Soft Sided Dock Shelter

  • The only full access dock enclosure that seals exposed trailer-door hinge gaps. Newly redesigned, the Eliminator GapMaster is more durable than ever. With fully impactable side frames that avoid damage when a trailer backs in off-center, the GapMaster is ideal for sealing the perimeter of trailers in loading docks.
  • Durable GapMaster™ hooks grasp firmly around hinges of open trailer doors to seal gaps that other shelters leave exposed.
  • Strong foam frame design takes impact from off-center trailers without the need for expensive steel bumpers.
  • Poly-wrapped side frames give unit stability, yet can be fully compressed – immediately returning to original shape and position if impacted.
  • Potential Annual Energy Savings: $400- $1,000 per dock position in additional savings over traditional shelters.
  • Typical ROI is 2-3 years.
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