Avoid Vacant Loading Dock Accidents with Proper Barriers

March 7, 2019

Though you aim to keep your loading dock full at all times, every business experiences moments when their docks become vacant. In this situation, there’s a great risk posed to individuals and equipment. Whether you’re working on your feet, driving a forklift or running a pallet jack, you need protection. Drop-off protection for vacant loading docks is required to ensure personnel and equipment are kept safe at all times. 

What Are a Company’s Responsibilities?

When you think about it, loading docks are at a height of four feet, which is high enough for serious injury to an individual and serious damage to equipment should they fall. While some companies throw a chain across a dock opening, this simply isn’t enough protection. In reality, it could pose more of a danger because it gives a false sense of security. It could also be a tripping accident waiting to happen.

Both ANSI and OSHA have guidelines regarding safety practices for openings where danger exists. Your company is responsible to learn and follow those guidelines, having adequate protection for individuals and equipment against falls. Not only are these things required, they’re important in protecting yourself against disability claims and having to replace or repair damaged products.

What Are Some Available Products for Loading Dock Protection?

W.E. Carlson has a variety of products available to help you with this very issue. The following are just a few.

  • Dok-Guardian HD – With bright red and yellow coloring, Heavy Duty Dok-Guardians are installed to provide a visible warning as well as a safety barrier. They are built to stop 10,000 pounds traveling at 4 mph. When the dock is in use, the barrier is manually retracted into a side Rite-Hite Warden.
  • Dok-Guardian LD – Dok-Guardian LD serves the same function as HD, only for smaller loads up to 1,000 pounds. It is also bright yellow, giving a visible warning that there’s an empty dock on the other side.
  • Safe-T-Lip – Installed on your current hydraulic leveler, the Safe-T-Lip is solid steel and strong enough to block a forklift from going off the edge. After a truck has left your loading dock and you are ready to store the platform, this lip goes up and creates the strongest safety net you could imagine.

Creating a Safe Workplace

Whether you are just getting into the business or are looking for ways to improve safety around the loading dock, let W.E. Carlson show you how it’s done. By upgrading your Safe-T-Lip, installing the Dok-Guardian HD or LD, or mounting the Door Dok-Guardian, you provide visible and physical safety measures for your personnel and equipment.

To learn more about what W.E. Carlson has to offer, contact us today via our online form or give us a call at 847-640-0011. We look forward to showing you how easy it is to improve workplace protection.

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