Dok-Guardian LD

Forklift driving toward Light-duty Dok-Guardian
  • Forklift driving toward Light-duty Dok-Guardian
  • Light-duty Dok-Guardian protecting loading dock opening

The Dok Guardian Light Duty Barrier will stop a vehicle as heavy as 1,000 lbs. traveling at up to four miles per hour, making it ideal for a loading dock or work area where light duty material handling equipment is used. It also serves as a highly visible warning for operators and pedestrians.

Dok-Guardian Light Duty Unique Features
  • Helps prevent carts, pedestrians and non-motorized lift trucks from falling off the dock.
  • Manually positioned barrier easily fits across openings up to 16'5" wide.
  • Simple, easy-to-use safety solution for almost any loading dock.
  • 44" high yellow barrier with black restraining straps heightens dock drop-off awareness.
  • 48" tall heavy-duty Warden guards are constructed of 3/16"" thick steel and provide door track protection.
  • 1-year warranty

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