Dok-Guardian HD

Ensure Full-Time Safety at the Loading Dock

Vacant loading docks create a dangerous 4-foot drop-off for dock personnel and material handling equipment. The brutal reality of this dangerous drop-off is often recognized only after it is too late and a serious accident has happened.

This heavy duty safety barrier is designed to stop 10,000 lbs. at 4 mph. Made of a bright red PVC-coated fiberglass mesh curtain with three bright yellow heavy-duty restraint straps, this barrier also serves as a highly visible warning sign. It’s operated manually, and easily fits across openings up to 16 feet wide. The barrier is anchored on either side by yellow safety Rite-Hite Warden guards, which provide excellent door track protection. When loading or unloading, the safety barrier retracts into one of the Wardens.

The Dok Guardian Heavy Duty Barrier is designed to integrate with Rite-Hite’s powerful Dok-Lok system, to ensure full-time loading dock safety.

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