Shadow Hook Restraint

More intermodal traffic calls for a more universal solution.

It’s estimated that international traffic is increasing by 15-20% per year. In response to the growing potential for costly trailer separation accidents and cargo theft, W.E. Carlson offers the new Shadow Hook Dok-Lok by Rite-Hite. This revolutionary vehicle restraint provides full compatibility with intermodal customers.

Clamp down on safety and security issues

The Shadow Hook Dok-Lok employs a more universal locking system to alleviate the intermodal compatibility problems that plague standard rotating hook locks. This feature helps prevent all types of trailer separation accidents on all types of trailers. But safer handling is only part of the story. The Shadow Hook Dok-Lok is designed to stand up to the increased pace and frequency of dock activity while it deters the growing threat of cargo theft. Boost your productivity with an array of technological enhancements, including:

  • Superior looking reliability on domestic and overseas containers safeguards against accidents and cargo theft
  • The widest working range of any rotating restraint in the market
  • State-of-the-art Rite-Vu™ Light Communication System comes standard:
  • Corner-Vu provides immediate Dok-Lok status at-a-glance to the forklift driver before entering the trailer.
  • Leveler-Vu confirms Dok-Lok status to the forklift driver while in the most vulnerable position – when he is inside the trailer.
  • Patented “shadow hook” locks in a vertical barrier position to safely secure container chassis with obstructions above the RIG, which can elicit a false “green” inside signal when hooks aren’t completely engaged.
  • Industry’s most highly water-and dust-resistant motor (IP66 rating) increases durability
  • Locking unit made of stronger stainless steel finish; with more rust-adverse coating
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