Rotating Hook Restraint

Original Rotating-Hook Restraint Provides Maximum Safety and Durability

System features simple design, low maintenance. Fewer moving parts means high reliability, high uptime for maximum productivity. With more installations worldwide than any other restraint, this restraint is our bread and butter.

  • A unique rotating hook design can help prevent aggressive early departure, trailer creep and dock walk, as well as trailer tip over from landing gear collapse or trailer up-ending.
  • Flexible: The system features a hook reaches over 6″ to help maintain engagement in below-dock end load situations.
  • Reliable: Powerful extension springs provide superior upward force against rear impact guard to keep trailer secure during loading, even with air-ride trailers.
  • Durability: Automatic positioning. Will not be damaged by backing trailers.
  • Reliability: Stores above ground to keep clear of environmental hazards ensuring constant communication
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