Rail-Dox Rail Shelters

Superior design and construction ensure long-life, ease of use and effective sealing.

Rail-dox Flexible Shelters make a railcar a temporary extension of your plant or warehouse during the loading/unloading process. They provide excellent protection against energy loss while protecting products and personnel from inclement weather. Many variables must be taken into consideration to maximize safety and productivity when selecting rail dock equipment so W.E. Carlson offers a flexible and an inflatable rain shelter in order to best suit your needs.

Rail-Dox flexible Rail Shelter
  • Flexible spring-tension holds extended shelter to side of railcar for an effective seal.
  • Cord and pulley assembly make extension and retraction an easy, one-person operation.
  • When retracted and secured with tie back straps, unit projects only inches from building face.

    Rail-Dox Inflatable Rail Shelter
  • Tightest railcar seal with fast inflation that cuts energy loss while protecting products and people.
  • When deflated, resilient fabric retracts neatly and compactly against building wall.
  • Durable and very low maintenance shelter that is available in a wide selection of fabric colors. Designing in flexibility is the key to ensuring optimum efficiency when serving a variety of railcars.
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