LiteSpeed Washdown Door

From the soft bottom edge and ultra tight seal, to the simple, low-maintenance design platform, the LiteSpeed Washdown has become the new standard for safe, clean, reliable performance for clean rooms.

An edge on safety

No hidden metal or plastic support. No buried electrical wiring. 100% fabric for a softer, safer cushion. And a higher degree of protection for product, personnel and equipment.

  • TRUE Auto Re-feed™ – For automatic re-feeds, on the fly, with no human interaction. Impacts won’t impact production.
  • Strong, silent type – Powerful 1 HP motor and variable frequency drive system combine for class-leading speed and super-quiet performance.
  • The speed advantage starts with installation – Comes fully pre-wired and tested from the factory. Reduces electrical installation by up to two hours. We offer wireless interlocking for multiple doors.
  • Fewer moving parts – Less maintenance keeps downtime to a minimum. Less really is more.
  • Smaller footprint – Compact stainless steel side frames for a cleaner look. Ideal for installation in tighter spaces.
  • Tough PVC vinyl curtain – Completely heat sealed.
  • Complies with FDA and GMP guidelines – Reversing slack sensor Reverses the door’s travel when an obstruction is sensed.
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