Open the door to Higher Productivity and Efficiency

Minimize maintenance: Our FasTrax doors feature lightweight curtains with reinforced, rigid-edge design to retain tension and provide durability. They are engineered to breakaway at impact. Auto re-feed helps reset the door onto its track quickly and easily to limit downtime. These doors offer high speeds without electronic motors. Fewer moving parts mean fewer, less costly repairs.

Increase productivity and efficiency: Fast upward and slow downward motion makes our doors perfect for busy, high traffic areas. The reinforced edges provide a substantial seal for environmental separation. Versatile FasTrax doors are designed around a single operational platform to reduce the complexity of maintaining multiple door models in your facility.

Improve safety: Each door features auto-reverse whenever the opening is obstructed. Even so, soft bottom edges flex to protect personnel and product in case of impact. To ensure visibility, the doors have windows and sensors with LED warning lights to alert personnel of movement on both sides of the door.

Engineered for affordability: We offer high-performance doors for busy interiors and large exterior openings. Our high-speed doors are easy to install; versatile and configurable to suit your every need; and are specifically designed to minimize costs over the life of ownership.

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