From the soft bottom edge to the simple, low-maintenance design platform, it’s become the new standard for safe, reliable, productive performance in the general-duty industrial door category. An edge on safety – The industry’s only true soft bottom edge. No hidden metal or plastic support. No buried electrical wiring. 100% fabric for a softer, safer cushion. And a higher degree of protection for product, personnel and equipment.


  • TRUE Auto Re-feed: For automatic re-feeds, on the fly, with no human interaction. Impacts won’t impact production.
  • Fewer moving parts. Less maintenance: Keeping downtime to a minimum. Less is really more.
  • Smaller footprint: Compact extruded aluminum or stainless steel side frames for a cleaner look. Ideal for installation in tighter spaces.
  • Tough PVC vinyl curtain: Completely heat sealed. Complies with USDA, FDA and GMP guidelines.
  • Strong, silent type: Powerful 1hp motor and variable frequency drive system combine for class-leading speed and super-quiet performance.
  • The speed advantage starts with installation: Comes fully pre-wired and tested from the factory. Reduces electrical installation by up to two hours.
  • Reversing slack sensor: Reverses the door’s travel when an obstruction is sensed.
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