Productivity and safety in a simple, reliable, compact design

High-performance, bi-parting industrial doors specifically engineered to take up less wall space and provide immediate access through door openings – with a peak speed of 120 inches per second – for improved productivity and safety. The SplitSecond door features a variable-frequency drive and a simple spring tube design that opens a fabric curtain from the middle at an industry-high peak speed of up to 120 inches per second.

Each half of the curtain, which features large windows for high visibility when the door is closed, efficiently collects into the side frames to greatly minimize the amount of wall space needed when compared to solid-panel bi-parting doors. The door also fits neatly into tight spaces.

SplitSecond is available in multiple configurations including the SplitSecond Pharma, which is designed to meet the unique requirements of the pharmaceutical industry for a tight seal and low air leakage rates.

SplitSecond configurations also include fabric, powder-coated steel, or stainless steel side frames to match durability, costs and environmental requirements.

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