GuardRite Polymer Bollards

GuardRite Polymer Bollards provide a lightweight, cost-effective alternative to traditional steel and concrete bollards with strength to match. When impacted, the polymer bollards are engineered to bear impacts while returning to their original shape with little to no damage, helping save on maintenance costs.

Options for light- and heavy-duty applications

Made from impact-modified polypropylene, GuardRite Polymer Bollards come in three models to accommodate specific light- and heavy-duty applications, providing impact protection to infrastructure and defining work areas. 

  • GuardRite Polymer LD
  • GuardRite Polymer HD
  • GuardRite Polymer HDXL

Dual-Action Impact Protection

The GuardRite Polymer HD and HDXL Bollard provide the best impact protection using dual-action energy absorption – up to 12,000 lbs. of impact – while still returning to its original shape.

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