GuardRite Steel

Expenses from damaged equipment can be costly.

Protect open-sided floors, platforms and runways with GuardRite Steel.

GuardRite Steel is a traditional steel guardrail ideal in situations where rigid, durable protection is needed. Examples include isolating open, exposed work areas, separating conveyers from pallet storage, and protecting workstations at loading docks.

Easy Installation. Simply bolt GUARDRITE® components together and anchor the mounting posts to the floor. It’s that easy – with no disruption to your operation.

Solid Performance. When properly installed, can withstand the impact of a 10,000 lb. vehicle traveling at speeds up to 4 mph.

Choice of Sizes. You can choose the single rail system (17″ – high), which provides excellent protection for most applications; or the double rail (43″ – high), where extra protection is needed.

For even more protection W.E. Carlson offers Ideal Shield’s Heavy Guardrail. The Heavy Duty Guardrail can withstand multiple hits from a 12,100 lbs. forklift traveling 8 MPH. Installation options include core-in, surface mounted base plates and removable applications.

Cost Savings:

  • Never repair, never replace
  • Arrives fully assembled to reduce installation costs

Optimum Protection

  • Zero deflection and 100% protection
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