GuardRite Polymer Barriers

GuardRite polymer safety barriers provide a lightweight, cost-effective alternative to traditional steel barriers with strength to match. When impacted, the polymer safety barriers absorb the collision, returning to their original shape without scratches or dents, helping save on repair.

Options for light- and heavy-duty applications

Made from impact-modified polypropylene, the GuardRite Polymer Safety Barrier comes in six models to accommodate specific light- and heavy-duty industrial applications to provide pedestrian, equipment, product and infrastructure safety and traffic guidance. 

  • GuardRite Polymer LD
  • GuardRite Polymer HD
  • GuardRite Polymer HD Plus
  • GuardRite Polymer HDXL
  • GuardRite Polymer HDXL Plus
  • GuardRite Polymer HDSR

Ground Level Impact Protection

Available on the GuardRite Polymer HD Plus and GuardRite Polymer HDXL Plus, the 12” tall bottom rail assembly provides extra ground level protection helping prevent pallet pass-through and fork tine protrusion causing damage to products, machines, equipment or walls.

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