Damo Super Guard

A heavy-duty version of our Damo Guard with its own distinguishing features. Designed for high traffic areas, it’s built to firmly guard the base of an upright. The Damo Super Guard has an extremely high resistance to impact and is bolted to the ground with five anchors.


  • Heavy duty: Built with 3/16″ thick structural steel bent plate.
  • Solidly anchored: This products comes with 5 high shearing capacity Hilti anchors.
  • Side protection: Ideal where pallets or lift blades often rub-up against the racks.
  • For all types of rack: This protection will fit on a Frazier bullnose rack system or any other type of rack.
  • Paint: Powder coated for durability. Standard color is orange. 6 Height Standard height is 24″ but this unit can be ordered in 36″ or 48″.


  • Any Type of Rack: This unit can protect any type of rack, even those that are no longer manufactured.
  • Peace of Mind: Our guards are robust and built to withstand the harshest of environments so you don’t have to worry about your uprights.
  • Custom Sizes: The standard height of this product is 24″, but if you wish to protect more, it can be built 36″ or 48″ high.
  • Heavy Duty: We use high quality structural steel with a heavy gauge to offer true impact resistance.
  • Powder Coated Paint: This process offers durability in a longer-lasting finish. Our standard color is orange, but special colors can be requested.
  • Bolt-On Kits: All of our units are shipped ready to be installed with all the necessary hardware. No welding is done on site.
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