Damo Pro

It’s the unit that started it all. The Damo Pro permanently repairs and protects pallet rack uprights. This custom-built unit is so indestructible; it comes with a lifetime warranty against impact.

Front & Back Columns (DBRS)

This option permanently repairs and protects the front and rear columns at once.

Cantilevered (CAN)

This option repairs and protects existing cantilevered racking systems.

Deflex Plate

Extra protection from side impacts, abuse in drive-in tunnels and in end-of-aisle applications.


  • Diagonal Brace: It follows the original configuration of the rack.
  • Cup: The cup is adapted to fit any type of rack.
  • Front Post: Made of 1/4” thick hollow structural steel, it’s virtually indestructible.
  • Back Plate: The back plate is made of 1/4″ steel.
  • Horizontal Brace: Welded and made of C3 channel for built-in impact resistance.
  • Anchors: All units come with high shearing capacity Hilti anchors.
  • Bullnose: It protects the front anchor against forklift damage.
  • Foot Plates: Can be extended, customized for seismic zones or come without a bullnose.


  • Made-to-Order: All of our products are custom built to your exact measurements, to ensure a perfect fit that will be permanent and provide peace of mind.
  • Solidly Anchored: All of our products come with screw type Hilti Anchors. Time-saving and easy to install, they are a fully removable and reusable anchoring solution. Seismic anchors are provided in seismic zones or when required.
  • Less Waste: The rack repair process is less wasteful then rack replacement, as only the damaged part of the rack is removed, reducing the amount of steel that must be discarded.
  • Easy Installation: Our proprietary lifting device lets us repair a rack quickly and safely, with minimal to no unloading of the stored merchandise. Our certified crews typically install our kits in less than an hour with little disruption to your operations.
  • Heavy Duty: We use high-quality structural steel with a heavy gage to offer true impact resistance.
  • Bolt-On Kits: All of our units are shipped ready to be installed with all the necessary hardware. No welding is done on site.
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