Barrier Glider

Achieve superior environmental separation with the best value in cold storage doors

The Barrier Glider improves on the technology of traditional cold storage doors to deliver more value at your temperature controlled openings. Iso-Tek® panel construction is combined with the Thermal-Flex Sealing System to help you achieve superior environmental separation at your opening with lower energy costs. 

  • A high speed freezer door for refrigerated warehouses, food manufacturing/processing plants, and grocery distribution centers, offers superior environmental separation for cold storage environments. 
  • Flexible Iso-Tek® panels deliver superior environmental separation and increased impactability.
  • Simple, straightforward design provides long-term performance.
  • High speed operation maximizes the time the door is closed to help reduce energy costs.
  • Energy efficient design reduces heat gain into cold storage areas, lowers energy costs.
  • Panels seal tight against wall, yet release upon impact with unique panel retention system.
  • Thermal-Flex Sealing System provides a warm flexible seal while using a fraction of the energy of other door systems.
  • More than just sensors and data, the Opti-Vu™ platform monitors equipment, captures events, synchronizes vital information and facilitates data-driven behavioral and process change. 
  • Energy-efficient design reduces heat gain into cold storage areas, lowers energy costs.
  • Versatile mounting configurations to fit virtually any application.
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