FasTrax FR

Fast, efficient, safe, with a super-tight seal

A tighter, more reliable seal and a more consistent thermal barrier with speeds up to 100 in./sec. the FasTrax FR adds up to less waiting for personnel and equipment and reduced energy costs. Design. Safety. Efficiency.

  • Flexible design platform fit for almost any opening with a simple, cost-effective installation
  • The industry’s safest door with exclusive safety features including the Traxation Drive System, SoftEdge™ Technology, two thru-beam photo eyes and optional VirtualVision,
  • I-Zone™ infrared sensors and non-powered opening.
  • Every system and component is designed and built to help you maintain temperature at minimal cost
  • TRUE auto re-feed
  • Reduces the need for costly heat lamps and air curtains

Fast, efficient, safe, with a super-tight seal. Time to put your cold storage needs on the FasTrax. The tightest sealing freezer door also fits into the tightest applications.

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