Your Guide to Zoneworks Acoustic Curtain Walls

September 11, 2019

Curtain walls are an effective solution to dividing warehouses into smaller rooms, but did you know that there’s a way to get those flexible partitions with added hearing protection? Zoneworks SZ Acoustic Curtain Walls safeguard your employees from loud noises while letting you creating a space that suits your needs.

Exceptional Hearing Protection

The most important feature of the SZ Acoustic Curtain Walls is the noise reduction. A SZ Acoustic Curtain Wall decreases the sounds from shredders, machines, grinders and other heavy pieces of equipment by 22 to 25 decibels. With a sound transmission class rating of 23, these walls are most effective in environments with very high or low frequency noises. OSHA mandates that employers implement hearing conservation programs in workplaces with sound levels of at least 85 decibels, and the SZ walls meet that requirement.

Heavy-Duty Construction

SZ Acoustic Curtain Walls are carefully constructed to prevent loud noise exposure. First, the inside of the curtains contains one blanket of antimicrobial polyester batting and another of loaded, noise-absorbing vinyl. On the outside, you’ll find at least one layer of insulation covering two sheets of tightly woven material. In addition to providing the highest levels of noise safety, the materials in the curtains are also fire-resistant.

Quick and Simple Installation

Permanent walls are expensive, require distracting and long-lasting construction and are not flexible, but SZ Acoustic Curtain Walls are the exact opposite. Acoustic Curtain Walls don’t require you to alter your facility at all; they are fixed to the ceiling in just a few hours, and the panels attach together with Velcro. Typically, you won’t even have to take out racking or get a permit, and you don’t have to use steel or protective curving that takes up space. If there’s a door, it can be seamlessly worked into the curtain wall, and in the majority of cases, the same goes for the door frames.

Flexible Customization

When you purchase your SZ Acoustic Curtain Walls, they’ll be customized to fit your building’s floor plan and specifications, including the particle, humidity and temperature levels. You’re able to choose whether you would like stationary or sliding walls and if they should be able to enclose a large room or a small area. The choices are all yours. However, your facility operations aren’t static, so why should your acoustic curtain walls be? When you want to adjust the walls’ arrangement, you can do so with very little work. You have the freedom to modify their length and move them around based on your current situation.

Important Notice

Before installing the SZ Acoustic Curtain Walls, speak with the local fire marshal and your insurance company to see if the design and layout of your facility’s fire suppression system has to be adjusted. This is essential to ensure that your building meets code regulations.

Excellence You Can Count On

W.E. Carlson proudly provides customers with personalized service and the best items on the market. For more information about Zoneworks SZ Acoustic Curtain Walls or any of the other fine products we sell, give us a call at 847-640-0011 or submit the online contact form today.

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