Stop Pedestrian Accidents in Your Warehouse with a Visual Communication System

November 5, 2018

Safety has to be a priority in a warehouse environment. With the many things going on, there are a lot of hazards. The best line of defense is good communication. However, clear communication in a warehouse environment is not always easy, especially at the loading docks and around forklifts. In fact, forklift and pedestrian accidents on loading docks are too common. 

The options available to prevent such accidents are often not good enough, which is why something new is very much needed. If you have workers being put at risk of an accident due to communication issues, then you need to learn about a new option that can save lives: light communications.

Communication Issues Abound

One of the main reasons why there are so many accidents involving pedestrians and forklifts is due to the impossibility of clear communication. In a warehouse environment, it is nosy, so hearing even shouts can be tough. It also is hard to get a clear line of sight, especially if a worker is in the back of a trailer. When a worker cannot see others, accidents are bound to occur. It is a persistent pedestrian safety issue that leads to injuries and even deaths. 

A Solution

The Rite-Vu Visual Communications System is a new way to communicate in situations where regular communication is difficult. It is made for the warehouse environment to make the loading docks a safer place. The key to this system is a combination of visual alarms and proper placement of the sensors to cover every angle and direction of the dock area. It easily communicates to both operators and pedestrians to ensure everyone is aware of what is happening at all times.

This system has four parts to it. Here is a brief look at each of those:

  • Approach-Vu: motion detector to sense trailer backing into dock, issues visual and audible warning, can detect from 30 feet away
  • Pedestrian-Vu: detects motion inside trailer, light triggered when motion inside, can stop collisions into trailer
  • Corner-Vu: provides visual alerts to forklift before entering trailer, lets operators know when to safely enter
  • Leveler-Vu: gives notice to operator inside trailer, ensures trailer is safe to enter

These four parts work together to provide a perfect solution to the constant issue of clear communication. Not only does this system detect traffic from all directions to provide consistent monitoring but also it helps ensure efficiency. Because the system is handling communication, workers can focus on getting the job done instead of constantly having to try to communicate with others who cannot hear or see them. It also is a good investment beyond the safety reasons because it is built to last and has low power consumption, so it is energy efficient. 

Find Out More

If you feel visual communication systems could be the right thing to help make your warehouse safer, then you should act now. Find out more about the Rite Vu Light Communication Systemand how to get the system for your warehouse from W.E. Carlson. 

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