Revolution Series HVLS Fans Keep Commercial Buildings Comfortable

August 12, 2019

Central heating and air conditioning systems have one job. That is to control the air temperature at the thermostat. Hopefully, the systems also do a reasonable job of controlling the temperature everywhere else as well. Commercial buildings with high ceilings face even greater temperature challenges. Fortunately, they can look to the Revolution 25/75/150 Series of HVLS fans for a solution.

Heat Always Seems to be in the Wrong Place

When it’s cold inside, the heating system of your commercial building goes to work. Some of your employees will enjoy the heat just before it heads for the high ceiling. Others, in cooler areas, may struggle to stay comfortable.

It’s not like you haven’t tried to keep the workplace comfortable. Your gas, oil and electric bills will attest to that. Unfortunately, the money you spent is keeping the ceiling warm. Perhaps it’s time to consider the Revolution Series of fans.

Revolution 25/75/150 Series Fans Stabilize Air Temperatures

Many companies attempt to stabilize the temperature across shop floors using pedestal and wall-mounted industrial fans. These fans typically control the airflow in relatively small areas. As a result, you need more fans to get the job done. Sometimes, they encroach on the workspace. They are often not effective at drawing warm air from the ceiling. They are also notoriously noisy.

The Revolution Series of industrial ceiling fans offers a unique solution to the problem of temperature stabilization in the workplace. Each series comes in a variety of blade sizes and voltages. Consider the following features:

  • The Revolution Series of ceiling-mounted fans resemble the paddle fans you would find in a home. Paddle-type fans are more effective at forcing the warm air downward. Revolution Series fans are larger and more powerful than home paddle fans. They are available in diameters of 6 to 24 feet. The coverage area of the higher-end 75 Series and 150 Series units is up to 22,000 square feet (85-foot radius) or approximately one-half acre. The units weigh from 180 to 250 pounds.
  • The Revolution Series fans run quietly. Their noise level is between 38 and 42 decibels. For reference, 40 decibels is the noise level you might expect in a library.
  • The units are efficient. Depending on the model, the motor can be as small as 0.5 hp using as little as 50 Watts of power. It can be as large as 2 hp using as much as 2,000 Watts of power.
  • The units operate in most industrial voltages. All three Revolution Fans are available in 240 and 277 volts. The smallest Series 25 unit is also available in 120 volts. The high-end Series 75 and Series 150 units are also available in 400 and 460 volts.
  • All Revolution Series fans incorporate a direct drive motor. The motor is silent and requires no maintenance or oil. Being maintenance-free means that these fans need little or no attention once the installation is complete.

Why not eliminate the hot and cold areas in your commercial building and save money in the process? Contact us at W. E. Carlson, and we can help plan a solution using the new Revolution 25/75/150 Series Fans.

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