Maximizing Warehouse Storage Space

December 22, 2020

You only have so much storage space in your facility. While you have the option of building a new construction or leasing additional space, it isn’t always the most feasible route to take. It can be time consuming and costly. Fortunately, we offer vertical space-saving solutions that can optimize areas in your physical plant.

1. Mezzanines

Mezzanine systems provide added floor space where it’s needed. These customizable steel structures expand storage capacity and improve workplace productivity. The system is compatible with vertical lifts and is ideal for creating new areas for the following:

  • Offices
  • Storage
  • Manufacturing

Falls and injuries are common in the warehouse work environment, especially on elevated platforms. Because of this, mezzanines are compatible with safety gates. The GateKeeper is a good choice for a safety gate because it remains closed at all times. Additionally, it’s compliant with OSHA, IBC and ANSI standards. It’s also a cost-saver for your business because it reduces workers’ compensation claims and insurance costs.

2. Elevator Lifts

An elevator lift, or freight lift, allows your employees to easily move heavy merchandise from one area of the warehouse to another. If safety, efficiency and productivity is a top priority for your facility, then this is essential equipment to add to your facility’s operations. The materials handling system is ideal for mezzanine and through-floor environments. It’s fully automated, so it doesn’t place additional demands on your workers.

The three major types of lifts we offer include:

  • Hydraulic vertical lifts
  • Mechanical vertical lifts
  • Package handling lift

Our W.E. Carlson team can schedule an on-site visit and assess your physical plant. Based on your requirements, we can design a vertical package handling lift system that specifics to your warehouse needs.

3. Racking Systems 

A racking system is an elevated platform that maximizes your current space. It expands any usable floor space above existing operations. At some point, rack repairs may be required so consider using the Damotech Rack Repair.

 The proprietary lifting system is a less disruptive alternative to a traditional upright replacement. The Damotech Rack Repair is a suitable temporary support system to use when your racking system is being serviced. It’s not only good for repairing and reinforcing warehouse racking systems but also heavy-duty industrial shelving units. It also helps prevent accidents and tragic rack upright collapses. It’s so durable that it’s guaranteed for life, so it can take all kinds of hits.

Call Us for a Custom Storage Solution 

There are several viable options for optimizing your warehouse’s storage space. When you seek a remedy, it’s best to build up rather than expand out. You can make the most out of limited space without the need to erect a new construction or lease another space. Instead, consider investing in mezzanines, elevator lifts or vertical racking systems. These storage solutions can improve worker safety, boost productivity and help save you money. Call W.E. Carlson and let us design a custom system for your facility or contact us by filling out the online contact form.

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