Keep Things Running Smoothly with Dock Levelers

October 26, 2021

Any warehouse that uses forklifts to move products and shipments onto trucks in a loading dock area needs dock levelers. A hydraulic dock leveler is placed at the threshold of the opening of the loading dock, covering the space between the open trailer bed of the semi-truck and the dock floor of the building. It provides a smooth and safe surface for forklifts to drive over. There are numerous benefits, but consider the following factors if you are thinking of investing in dock levelers.

Reduced Risk of Dock Shock

Without a leveler, forklift drivers can and likely will experience sudden changes in loading dock height. This creates vibrations throughout the vehicle and the driver, and over time, this can result in severe back problems. This is known as Dock Shock. Chronic jolting and jarring can also lead to damage within the legs, lower back and neck. These types of work-related injuries can result in costly medical bills and lifelong pain. It is in a company’s best financial interest to avoid employee injuries, and a mechanical dock leveler can help tremendously.

Prevention of Lost Products

Another major issue to consider is potentially losing products in transit. When items are on a forklift, they can fall off if the driver is not careful. This is more prone to happen if the forklift experiences a sudden drop from the loading dock to the truck bed. Boxes can fall off if they are not properly secured, and this leads to a loss of revenue. Dock levelers can help prevent this. Most warehouses will end up using their levelers hundreds upon thousands of times every year. It is in a warehouse owner’s best interest to invest in a hydraulic dock leveler to avoid a host of issues.

Simple Maintenance

Similar to all other pieces of equipment in your warehouse, you need to maintain your leveler. Fortunately, maintenance is simple to carry out, and you can typically hire expert technicians in your area to help you out. All the components in the dock leveler need to be cleaned regularly to remove dirt and debris. Some components require lubrication to prevent corrosion and degradation. You also need to adjust your leveler regularly to ensure it is moving properly and inspect every aspect and document the fact you have maintained your edge-of-dock leveler.

If you think your business can benefit from a W. E. Carlson dock leveler, contact us today to see which one is right for your business.

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