Improving Warehouse Safety with In-Plant Safety Barriers

July 6, 2018

Few warehouse threats loom larger than accidents. When dealing with bulk assets, mistakes can mean serious injuries and major losses, underscoring the importance of proper protection. In-plant safety barriers are an ideal way to improve pedestrian safety while also guarding machinery and assets from damage. Find out how to update your facility easily and affordably with Rite-Hite barriers today.

Versatile and Reliable

Regardless what type of goods you handle, proper boundaries are necessary. Motorized equipment, open loading docks and bustling activity can produce disastrous results; the Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded over 37,000 reports of occupational injuries in warehouse environments during 2015 alone. Rite-Hite offers a complete line of area protection solutions, designed to keep people, product and machinery safely separated, including:

  • GuardRite Barriers: Modular rail systems for separating areas for working, walking and storage.
  • SpanGuard Strap Barriers: Lightweight systems used to section off restricted zones or to designate work and staging areas.
  • Dok-Guardian Barriers: High-strength implements to prevent workers, equipment and assets from suffering falls at open loading docks.

Start Today

Avoidable workplace injuries cost employers tens of billions of dollars every year; don’t let your facility fall victim. W.E. Carlson offers a full range of in-plant safety barriers and other solutions to make your warehouse safer and smarter. Get started today and enjoy better protection for your employees and assets every day

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