HVLS Fans Best Solution for Optimal Energy Consumption

January 16, 2018

Warehouse settings present a number of challenges when it comes to heating and cooling, and not every solution will work across the board. Owners know they have to be strategic when choosing among all the different options available. After researching their choices and talking with the professionals, many of them are coming to the conclusion that high-volume/low-speed fans are the best fit for their specific needs. Let’s take a look at how HVLS fans can help reduce heat costs for the winter.

How They Work

HVLS fans are large-scale, with available diameters from 8 feet to 24 feet. Upon entering a warehouse building, visitors will notice the big blades moving slowly and efficiently above the work area. Those blades are designed to move as much air circulation as possible without disrupting the action below them. Here are some facts and figures about HVLS fans:

  • They can move air up to 85 feet from their center and won’t have a “dead spot” right below the hub.
  • The blades can be adjusted so they don’t create a significant breeze on the work area below the fan.
  • The continuously moving air they create provides destratification, in which warmer air near the ceiling is mixed with cooler air below. The uniform air circulation and temperature helps reduce energy consumption.
  • Professional installers will ensure the fans are installed at the right height and in conjunction with other systems near the ceiling, such as sprinklers or lights.
  • The wings on the ends of the blades help reduce noise and maximize air flow.

Benefits of HVLS Fans

This style of fan is ideal in any number of settings, from warehouses to large retail stores, fitness facilities to manufacturing spaces. No matter where they are used, the potential savings in energy costs, particularly during the wintertime, are at the top of the list of benefits. The uniform air temperature they help create through destratification means the building’s HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the temperature at which it is set. The Carbon Trust recommends HVLS fans as one of the top three options for reducing energy consumption.

Warehouses are busy places. They feature loading dock doors that can stay open for hours, letting heated air waft out the door. Because there is so much coming and going, maintaining as uniform an air temperature as possible is a real challenge. However, HVLS fans allow warehouse owners to create a simple solution that does not require a great deal of maintenance in the long term and can be adjusted as needed during both hot and cold seasons.

Learn More About HVLS Fans

W.E. Carlson and its crew of HVLS fan experts help clients find the right solution for their warehouse needs. Contact W.E. Carlson today to find out how we can help your operation save money.

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