Expand Upward Using Safe and Affordable Mezzanines

June 6, 2019

It’s great to be part of a growing business. Every month you have new customers, more employees and higher revenues. Everything is growing except your building. You’re quickly running out of space. Your building won’t grow to meet the need, but it can stretch a bit. This is the perfect time to consider installing one or more mezzanines to give your facility the space you need.

You Can Make Better Use of Available Vertical Space

Nobody in facility space management gives a second thought to extending storage racks and shelving to the ceiling. This helps make the best use out of available space. Why, then, do they not apply that same principle to the entire building? After all, almost every work environment has areas which are completely open from the floor to a high ceiling. That is the perfect setting for a mezzanine or elevated platform.

Elevated Platforms Are Practical

Elevated spaces have a lot to offer a business. Naturally, they can add capacity to an already-crowded floor area. Line managers and warehouse supervisors like them too, because:

  • They provide a good vantage point from which to monitor floor activity.
  • They can provide office space for floor managers, supervisors and clerical personnel.
  • They make excellent work areas for inspection and quality control stations.
  • They are great locations for low-activity inventory, repair parts and supplies.

Mezzanines Go Up Quickly and Are Cost-Effective

Mezzanine installation happens quickly, and it is also a cost-effective option. Consider the following alternatives:

  • Construct a new building or expand the current one.
  • Locate, purchase and move to a new, larger facility.
  • Acquire a separate facility and move a portion of the operation there.

These options require permits and approvals and come with mountains of red tape. They also require a significant financial commitment.

A mezzanine is a building upgrade. Installing one is more about assembly than it is about construction. The bulk of the design process involves positioning the mezzanine in the building and determining the best way to utilize it. Elevators, material lifts and stairs can help to complete the structure.

Safety Is Important on Elevated Platforms

Mezzanines and elevated platforms installed by W. E. Carlson utilize GateKeeper Mezzanine Safety Gates. These ingenious devices allow material to move from the floor to mezzanine level and back without leaving a dangerous opening in the enclosure. For rack systems, there is a similar device called the RacKeeper. If your business is ready to make better use of your available space, contact us at W. E. Carlson. Let’s talk about how a mezzanine can help your business expand.

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