The Benefits of Screen Doors for Warehouse Loading Docks

June 5, 2018

Whether you warehouse your own goods or handle third-party assets, it’s essential to maintain proper conditions in your facility. High temperatures can affect materials as well as people during warmer seasons, threatening both profitability and productivity. Open-air ventilation is often desirable in these instances, but open bay doors can allow for the introduction of insects and animals into your building.

Industrial screen doors are a convenient and cost-effective solution to these issues, ensuring plentiful airflow while preventing access from pests. They eliminate the need for costly air conditioning and can even provide an added measure of worker safety. Read on to learn how your building can benefit.

Protecting Assets

Asset control starts with the environment, and indoor temperature represents a major factor. Most materials and finished goods note specific minimum and maximum temperatures for safe storage; these values are particularly crucial when working with hazardous, delicate or perishable products. As air conditioning can pose a sizable financial burden, it’s often favorable to employ a natural approach to decrease energy costs.

An analysis of warehouse efficiency by E-Source in 2007 revealed the following:

  • A typical warehouse in the United States spends about $0.35 per square foot on electricity annually;
  • Cooling costs account for about 15% of the expected energy budget in an average facility;

Controlling Access

The animal and insect populations can become a nuisance for warehouse workers when screen doors are not in use. Pests enjoy easy access when loading doors are wide open, which poses a serious threat when it comes to storing foods, among other goods.

The Pioneer Press of Minnesota reported on an incident in 2017 in which nearly 40,000 pounds of spices, flours and pasta products were seized by federal authorities; birds, insects and rodents had infested the storage facility and resulted in a failed inspection by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The losses totaled over $70,000, highlighting the importance of environmental separation for any warehouse.

Worker Safety

The Economic Policy Institute reports that 23,000 injuries occur in workplaces across America each day; the ultimate cost for affected organizations and individuals is estimated to exceed $190 billion annually. Many avoidable incidents come down to the implementation of safety measures, one benefit of industrial screen doors that often goes unnoticed.

Consider that a typical loading dock stands four feet off the ground. In the absence of an external platform, nearby workers are constantly at risk of a serious fall. Screening your bay door is a smart, affordable step in mitigating this hazard and preventing costly workplace accidents.

Take Action

Protecting your bottom line doesn’t require a major investment. Screen doors for warehouses are affordable solutions that can help to reduce workplace risks, keep pests out and ensure product integrity. Start enjoying the savings and performance today: Visit W.E. Carlson for a selection of roll-up and sliding industrial screens, plus everything you need to make your facility safer, smarter and more efficient today.

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