5 Benefits of High-Speed Industrial Doors

February 15, 2019

5 Benefits of High-Speed Industrial Doors

Operating an efficient facility is no small feat, but you can be one step closer to smoother production with the installation of high-speed industrial doors. There are many benefits to using these innovative openings on your loading docks. Here are five valuable reasons why you should consider making the change.

1. Fast Operation

Waiting for doors to open may seem like a small inconvenience, but it adds up to a lot of wasted time when an entrance or exit is used frequently. With high-speed models, the door opens much faster, and it closes much slower. This allows anyone loading or unloading to get the job done quickly, so schedules can keep moving forward. Higher speeds are also more energy efficient. This can be a huge draw when you’re trying to get those costs down.

2. Automatic Adjustment

Standard loading dock doors can significantly slow down operation when impact jars the door off its track. Several workers may be pulled from their current tasks to get the entrance going again. Most high-speed options, like the FasTrax Industrial Door, include an auto re-feed feature. This ensures that when the door gets bumped, it’s able to readjust on its own and get back on track. Consider both the labor and downtime that a skewed door can cause. It’s well worth it to switch out your standard dock entrances for more efficient models.

3. Lower Repair Costs

The design of a high-speed door is simple. When you scale back on complex mechanics, you wind up with a product that breaks down less often and yields lower repair costs in the long run. Fewer repairs also means your operation can continue to run smoothly. High-traffic areas can become chaotic when a door has malfunctioned, especially if you have to wait a long time for the entrance to be repaired.

4. Effective Seal

A good door should keep out rough environmental conditions, including high winds or torrential rains. High-speed doors offer impeccable sealing, so your facility is protected against weather risks. When you keep the environment outdoors where it belongs, you’re also helping your building maintain its most efficient temperature. You also shouldn’t have to worry about intruders breaking in and stealing or vandalizing your property. A secure seal is vital in preventing theft, helping you save money on these potentially costly incidents.

5. Safety Features

High-speed doors also come fully equipped with plenty of features to keep your staff safe. As the door closes, it will automatically redirect its course if it detects someone obstructing the opening. A failsafe is also integrated, which allows the door to flex around any intrusions, minimizing the damage that may be caused by the impact. Motion sensors and alerts also keep personnel well-informed of activity on the other side of the door. Windows provide a direct sight light for even more safety. 

The W.E. Carlson Corporation has the most robust selection of high-speed industrial doors. Our versatile models, including our FasTrax doors, offer the best in efficiency and security. Contact us with all your questions, and we’ll help you equip your facility with the best functionality possible.

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