Wall Mounted Restraint

Easy to operate manual vehicle restraint that automatically positions

Designed for live loading situations, Vertical Barrier Restraints provide solid, dependable upward pressure to RIGs. Because the cab of the trailer is connected to the load, the “wrap and hook” design of Rotating Hook Restraints is not necessary as the connected fifth wheel of the truck to trailer helps prevent vertical movement along with the VBR.

  • Automatic Positioning with Easy Manual Operation – Spring-loaded structural steel housing automatically positions when VBR-100 is contacted by backing truck. Operator ergonomically activates barrier with a simple control rod.
  • Wide Engagement Range – Engagement range extends from 12″ to 30″ above ground.
  • Exclusive Barrier Design – 4.25” high barrier with reverse taper design provides the highest and widest coverage on RIGs.
  • Integrity of Installation – Completed dock survey required for each dock position to help ensure safe and proper application of all Dok-Loks. Critical to the safety of material handlers and equipment utilizing the equipment, the surveys are reviewed by expert Applications team if outside of standard dock configuration.
  • Pull-Out Force Benchmarks – Rite-Hite was the first loading dock equipment manufacturer to establish pull-out force benchmarks based on years of research and development. Followed today by many other manufacturers, VBR-100 is installed with mounting force in excess of 100,000 lbs. and 32,000 lbs. of pull-out force, doubling what tractors can achieve when in first gear.
  • Withstand Harsh Loading Dock Environment – Zinc-plated for all weather durability and mounted above the ground away from dirt, debris, snow, ice, and standing water.
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