Rite-Vu Light Communication System

In Short, Take Control Of Visual Communication at the Loading Dock

The process of forklifts loading and unloading semi trailers poses a safety risk for pedestrians and other forklifts. Whether it’s a dock attendant, plant manager, service technician, bystander, or forklift operator, anyone in and around the interior loading dock area is in danger due to limited communication and visibility.

The problem is persistent. The question is what to do about it. Despite the efforts of employers and industry suppliers, forklift-pedestrian accidents are common. Each year in the United States, nearly 100 workers are killed and 20,000 seriously injured in forklift-related incidents. Clearly, there is no silver bullet. But one thing is certain: better communication between forklift operators and pedestrians in the loading dock area can help reduce collisions.

Based on consumer concerns, Carlson carries Rite Hite’s Rite-Vu™ Light Communication System. Representing the next generation of communication at the loading dock, Rite-Vu consists of three individual light communication products that provide clear, visual communication to the right person, at the right time, at the right location. It is the only system that clearly tells forklift and pedestrians when a forklift is working inside a trailer so that they can exercise proper caution against that forklift backing out. The technology also adds another level of protection for forklift operators to help reduce catastrophic accidents due to trailer separation from the dock.

Rite Hite’s Rite-Vu™ Light Communication System contains the following four products:

  • Approach-Vu™
  • Pedestrian-Vu™
  • Corner-Vu™
  • Leveler-Vu™
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