RHTM ThinMan™ Trailer Lift

Secure a Wide Variety of Trailers

The surface-mounted RHTM Thinman™ Trailer Lift is integrated with the Global Wheel-Lok™ vehicle restraint, providing the ability to service a wide variety of trailer types without the costly construction of a trench. The wheel-based restraint is integrated on the side of the platform, which is ideal when servicing liftgate vehicles. 

  • Smooth and efficient loading process – the trailer lift platform raises the vehicle to dock height, helping eliminate bumper and pit wall obstructions.

  • Minimize maintenance needs – the low pressure operating system is engineered with limited moving parts, prolonging product life for a lower cost of ownership.

  • Quick and efficient dock arrival – wheel guides and cylinder covers help ensure consistent, on-center trailer positioning.

  • Increase productivity – the trailer’s surface mounted design allows for efficient installations and gives full unobstructed access to a variety of trailer types and loads.

  • Ideal for facilities servicing liftgate vehicles – the interlocked system provides a safer sequence of operation and with the widest engagement range, the Thinman™ provides the ability to service a variety of trailer types and loads.

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