RHTL Rite-Hite® Trailer Lift

The Most Universal Fit

The RHTL Trailer Lift’s 4 panel platform design allows trailers to rest at a safe level positioning for ergonomic loading and unloading. The trailer’s innovative design and wide variety of safety features keep protection the top priority. 

  • Increase productivity – Rite-Hite Trailer Lifts provide unobstructed access to a variety of trailer bed heights. By helping eliminate put wall and dock bumper challengers, forklift drivers can transfer materials more efficiently.

  • Enhanced protection – the 5 inch guard at the rear of the platform helps provide enhanced drop-off protection and accurate wheel positioning.

  • Easy installation and maintenance – maximize productivity through efficient installation. The low pressure operating system is strategically engineered to minimize maintenance and maintenance needs.

  • Quick and efficient dock arrival – both wheels guides and cylinder covers help ensure consistent on-center vehicle positioning.

  • Ideal for facilities with a variety of trailer heights – roll-off protection helps eliminate bumper and dock leveler pit wall obstruction while the ergonomic leveling platform keeps the trailer bed consistently more flat for a smoother transition from warehouse to trailer.

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