Portable Lifters

Automated Portable Lifters for Specialized Material Handling

LIFT-O-FLEX® lifters are a line of material handling equipment that offer huge advantages over stationary or manual systems! LIFT-O-FLEX® lifters are useful for any industry where lifting, moving, handling and manipulation of loads take place.

Unlike other lifting products such as lift carts, mobile lifting trolleys, hand cranked carts, pump carts, etc. Lift-O-Flex® Ergonomic lifters offer distinct advantages including ease of operation and unsurpassed load handling.

LIFT-O-FLEX® lifters can be used in most production areas. Load attachments for multiple tasks can easily be changed to fit your operational needs. Save time and money as you upgrade to accommodate increased production. Eliminate cost associated with moving fixed or automated equipment. Maximize your productivity with LIFT-O-FLEX® lifters. Eliminate disruptions to your manufacturing processes. Implement LIFT-O-FLEX® lifters today without expensive setup and training for immediate reduction of injury risks and related cost.


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