Ergonomic Vacuum Lifter

Ergonomic Vacuum Lifting, Box Lifter, Lift Sacks, and Drum Lifter

Vacuum Lifter eliminate manual handling.  They make lifting easy in all conceivable working conditions, in manufacturing and mechanical processing, warehouses and distribution terminals. Vacuum lifter makes lifting sack, bag, drum or glass safer, both for operators and for the products being handled. Based on a unique concept vacuum lifting is an ergonomic and economic solution for simpler, safer and more effective lifting.

Vacuum lifters use suction feet and tooling for lifting sacks and boxes, sheets of wood and metal, panels and much more. Smooth and quick operation is guaranteed by using one handle to lift, lower and release the load, the same vacuum is used to hold and lift the load. Return on investment is easy, often a two-man job can be carried out by one operator with vacuum lifter. This lifting system is easy to adjust to suit loads and requirements of most industries. With vacuum lifters you will have a combination of efficiency, ergonomics and economy unmatched by any other lifting system.
The vacuum lifter is suspended with a work station crane system.


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