Full Time Fall Protection on Mezzanines and Elevated Work Areas

The GateKeeper’s dual reciprocating gate ensures full time safety at the edge of a mezzanine platform by keeping one gate closed at all times. Mezzanines, because they can be several feet from the ground, can be the cause of serious fall injuries. Save lives, reduce insurance costs and workers compensation claims with the GateKeeper. This design meets applicable OSHA, ANSI and IBC standards.

  • Exclusive Saf-T-Latch prevents workers from raising the gate from inside the work zone, helping prevent an employee from falling from the mezzanine while working the load.
  • Unique link bar design ensures that both gates work in unison
  • Toeboard prevents material from accidentally being pushed from an elevated space to a lower level
  • Steel side frames provide built-in track protection
  • Available in manual and automatic designs
  • 3″ track and nylon rollers provide for smooth operation

OSHA standard 1910 Subpart D requires that employers must provide fall protection for personnel on walking-working surfaces. This includes any surface higher than four feet above the ground floor.

The ANSI standard section 6.4.3 published by the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Associations reads “any gate that provides an access opening through the guards for the purpose of loading and unloading material onto a work platform shall be designed such that the elevated surface is protected by guards at all times. Gates that swing open, slide open, or lift our leaving an unprotected opening in the guarding are not acceptable.

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