FleetPlow™ MD-12

FleetPlow™ MD-12: Portable 12-inch snow removal system for smaller truck fleets or fewer snowfalls.

In less than 30 seconds per vehicle and in a single pass, the FleetPlow™ MD-12 can remove 12 inches of snow off trucks and trailers. With a footprint half the size of our heavy-duty snow scraper systems, this portable scraper can be easily relocated at the end of the season.

* * Clearing more than 12 inches of snow off trailers, box trucks, or delivery vans with the FleetPlow™ MD-12 requires multiple passes taking the top layer off first.

  • Portable, budget-friendly snow scraper for trucks and trailers of varied heights
  • Designed for smaller truck fleets, fewer snowfalls over 12 inches
  • Backed across North America by an extensive service and installation Dealer Network

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