FleetPlow™ 440T

FleetPlow™ 440T: Portable snow removal system with OneTap™ Full Automation clears 24” of snow from truck and trailer roofs.

FleetPlow’s 440T portable trailer snow removal system is our most popular model. This heavy-duty, automated snow scraper can remove up to 24 inches of heavy, wet snow from truck and trailer roofs–perfect for large fleets and harsher winter conditions. The OneTap™ Full Automation clears snow from 60 vehicles per hour, allowing you to get your trucks on the road quicker. After the snow season ends, easily relocate the portable 440T so you can reclaim space in your yard.

  • Portable with OneTAP™ Full Automation
  • Our most popular model
  • Backed across North America by an extensive service and installation dealer network



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